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Stomper has a couple new aquisitions.

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Joined: 01 Oct 2005
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Location: Woodburn, Oregon USA

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:06 pm    Post subject: Stomper has a couple new aquisitions. Reply with quote

I've been away from the prop/costuming scene for (I think) going into two years now, haven't been on any of the forums in depth either. I have been busy with the carreer trying to get ahead on the finances (as usual the GOVERNMENT makes out better on my paycheck than I do...) BUT I have accuired a few things (in addition to my Harley) that I thought I'd share to keep this section of the forums moving.

I picked up this Weatherby SA-08 3"mag, 12ga. semi-auto before last year's duck season... it shoots and functions like a DREAM! Many ducks have fallen before it's mighty fury already!

The price was VERY RIGHT so I accuired this Gen.3 (less the front rails) Glock-30 (.45ACP) for my primary CCW because.. well its a Glock!! Let me tell you that this "stock from the box" 3.78" barreled pistol is a near TACK DRIVER. I was hitting dirt clods (that I was aiming at... LOL) from 50 yards (more often than not) with Norinco FMJ... had to do my part of course. This means for close-in self defense this thing is a dead ringer... EXACTLY what its intended for.

About a month ago I scored this new in the box WASR-10/63. For various and sundry reasons AK enthusiast regard the WASR-10 as a "bottom line" AK, but this one was a new build with a STELLAR bore, fit and finish on the metal and had enough U.S. made parts to make it 922r compliant. WASR-10's usually have ugly looking laminated wooden furniture on them, but this one had a nice tight grain on the foregrip that I sanded, stained, and sealed in a reddish color from the unsealed/unfinished "dirty blonde" color it was out of the box.

I pumped a 30-round magazine full of steel cased Russian surplus ammo into a 100 yard target while standing and unsupported (mind you) and had a 30-round shot group within a 5" circle... it took me less than 15 seconds. Although I had to do my part (thank you Army training!) that shows the WASR-10 (mine anyway) is an excellent shooting rifle... AK's (in general) are not noted for stellar accuracy, they were/are for a conscripted, minimally trained "peasant army" to throw a LOT of bullets through the air over and over and over.. again.

IMHO the 7.62x39 is a great "intermediate" round between the .223/5.56x45 and the .308/7.62x51, with copious amounts of "affordable" surplus available for... ahem, "apocolypse reasons"... now I just have to replace the TAPCO composite stock with a metal ACE folder (I'll wind up breaking that plastic one eventually... LOL), and find the right AK bayonette for it. I can't decide between a Russian, Romanian, East German, Polish, etc. They're all similar and will work, but are made slightly different in materials, colors, and handle shape... I'm just picky that way, I guess.

I'm showing this last one because it has a funny story behind it...

Before I bought the Glock, I bought this new in the box Ruger SP101 in .357mag from my boss (that's right my boss) for $350... I JUMPED on it when he offered it to me because they go for over a $100 more USED. Well about 2-weeks later he calls me up (sheepishly) asking if he can buy it back, because his WIFE was asking where her .357 was... man, talk about getting your weiner in a vise!!! What does one do in this circumstance? Of course I said, (reluctantly) OK... $450 and its yours... LOL!!! Seriously though, I don't like to get rid of ANY firearm, but I sold it back to him (luckily for him I never got to shoot the thing) for the $350... then went Glock-30 shopping! I'm going to get me one of these eventually though, IMHO its a SUPERB wheel gun, and is a great CCW in the right configuratoin.

BTW, it sure pays not to be a "heartless capitolist" sometimes. My boss is working on getting me a $5.00/hr pay raise from the company we work at... ... LOL!!

Thanks for looking!
Tony Krewson
FEAR... is not my god!!
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Joined: 18 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Tony, those are some very nice additions to your collection! I've shot the gen2 Glock 30 and it is nice. The AK looks much, much better with the refinished foregrip. Have fun with them all!
DougN - Just in case you're wondering, I got my "rating" legitimately... by posting aimless drivel, useless advice, and pointless questions.
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