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Viper Pilot Helmet
Trying to make one from scratch is harder than it looks!

Here is Jim's cleaned up mold, ready for vac-u-forming. And a side view And the back

Last Spring, I talked the guys from into letting me work on their Viper pilot helmet mold. It was in pretty fair shape but needed some cleanup before they could attempt to do a vacuform pull of it. Well, I got it and kept it most of the summer. Thinking I was going to finish my vacuform machine up before returning the mold to them. [And get a pull or two in the prcocess.] Well, that didn't happen. Oh well, I did manage to make some good detailed measurements and I hope to soon be able to get started working on a scratch build mold. The above images are the final mold that I cleaned up. Unfortunately, there were quite a few soft spots in the resin, and when it was pulled, parts of the helmet did not like it. Now the helmet has to be reworked, once again.

Project status: vacuform table is finished.

Project finish date: Fall 2004/Spring 2005

Project history:

  • research

  • Gathering parts for various online sources [pending]

  • prototyping for electronics and hard to find materials [pending]

  • Working with to develop a vacuform helmet.Click here for an image gallery of the mold restore progress.

Request kit source. If anyone has a kit, or parts of a helmet for sale, or information regarding the BSG viper helmet, please contact me at . Thanks


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