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Helmets a plenty.
Fun with headgear. Change your idenity, or protect you scalp!

I got my first helmet, a 1960's era Arkansas State Police Riot helmet from my grandfather when I was a kid. I loved playing with it, and soon realized that the helmet was a unique piece of headgear. Later, I got a WWII German Stormtrooper M40 "Stalenheim" helmet, back when I was doing WWII impressions. Man, that thing sacared little kids and old men alike! When my wife got me a Don Post Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet, a few years ago I got hooked. Now, I've added USGI WWII helmets, WWII British, WWII Japanese, as well as a GT/FX Armor set with its own "big" version of the classic Bone White armor. Now, I just finished a classic series Cylon Helmet from Battlestar Galactica. My next three are a Richie's Armor X-wing helmet kit, a Viper Pilot Helmet, and of course a Boba Fett "bucket". Later, a good verion of the Darth Vader helmet, and a Aliens USCM helmet will round out the collection. The following are some of the helmets currently in my possession. Man, are these things fun!

Rebel Fleet Trooper Helmet, custom made for the fan film.
GT/FX "sunblock " Oversized by about 15%, still a very nice helmet.
Don Post Classic action Star Wars "A New Hope" stunt helmet.
Cylon Helmet from the old TV series Battlestar Galactica. I'm working on a second helmet right now!
Viper Pilot Helmet from the old TV series Battlestar Galactica. I'm working on a vacuum-formed version right now!
WWII German M40 helmet. Scary as hell. I wore the whole rig at a Militaria Expo once, and just standing there, mothers would cover the eyes of small children.
USGI "Steel Pot" Also, can be use as a base helmet for the US Colonial Marines as seen in the 1986 classic, Aliens.
"Tommy" Hemet of WWII British fame.
Beaten up old WWII Japanese helmet. currently under reconstruction.
1960's Arkansas State Police Riot Helmet [this was my first helmet!]
Future Helmet Projects
Don Post Classic action X-wing Pilot kit with working visor
Don Post Classic action TIE fighter Pilot kit
Don Post Classic action Boba Fett Helmet [I'm exploring a vacuformed version of this famous bounty hunter] as well as 'scratch building this helmet from styrene and bondo!
Don Post Classic action Darth Vader [no Star Wars helmet collection is complete without this helmet]
Don Post Classic action Royal Guard Helmet. Thanks TKBIG!
Last update March 31, 2006
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