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US Rifle, .30 Caliber M1
The classic WWII and Korean War era rifle, ready for action!

My first M1 Garand, bought some 8 years ago.

The last of the Danish returned M1s available from the CMP before they sold out in April, 2007.

For all you WWII fans, historians, militaria enthuasists, reenactors, gun collectors, or shooters out there, the M1 Garand is probablly most recognized as the infantryman's weapon that helped win World War II. Still available for sale to US citizens straight out of US Army surplus depots throught a program called the Civilian Marksmanship Program [CMP].The above image is of the first one I ever got after the qualifications for purchase throught the CMP. A little stock restoration, some oil and a box of ammo and your Service Grade M1 is ready to defend your home, or for the next trip to the range, or it makes a great hunting rifle. Get 'em while you still can. Sales of the surplus rifles supports the CMP's shooting sports and firearms safety training programs. These are fully functional weapons made for the United States armed forces between 1936 and 1957. All have been arsenally rebuild at least once over the past 60 years. Still, these are in pretty good shape, and mine is accurate up to about 600 meters! Price starts at arounf $295 and up. Update: 3-20-07. Most of the Collector, Correct, and Service grade M1 Garands availalbe from the CMP are gone. Still available are MAP returned M1s from Greece. Still USGI, just loaned to Greece for a few years. These are well used, but can still make a fine addtion to your collection. Also, M1 Carbines, MAP returns from Italy are to become available in May. Finally, there are some M1903 and 03-A3 bolt action Springfield rifles available, but the supply is almost gone too. UPDATE: May, 2007. The CMP is out of M1 Garands, M1917 Endfields, and are running low on the M1903 and 03-A3 rifles. They do have some M1 Carbines, but these won't last too long. Stay tuned!

Other US Field Gear
Sometimes a local source is a good place to start. Check out your local Army/Navy store, garage sales, local VFWs etc. Chances are, some vintage surplus can still be had. Lots of replicas are availabe, so if you can't tell if it's vintage originals or not, chances are they are copies, so don't be fooled into thinking you are getting that Cooper A2 flight jacket from the Memphis Belle for $10 in a garage sale. The local or regional reenacting group commander can help get you properly outfitted, and help add cool stuff to your collection. Perfect for reenacting, Halloween, etc.

Allied Weapons and Gear
I use to keep a subscription to Manions auction catalogs. But these are available online now. They have US, British, German, Japanese, and Russian collections. Sometimes great stuff can be had for cheap! Ebay also sells WWII field gear, but prices are high.

Axis Weapons and Gear has some pretty good replica German camo. Check out that 'Where Eagles Dare' jacket! I've got to get me one of those one of these days.

Also check out for some replica US and German gear.

Motor Pool
For something completely off the autobahn, hows about a WWII era BMW R75 Motorcyle with side car clone, sold as a kit? Yes, you can make your own, from a 1960's Chinese Army copy. Click here for more. Called a Chang-Jiang, these are available from several online dealers, and through ebay. or They even have a 'Where Eagles Dare' camo jacket!

Kubelwagon Conversion kits for your VW Bugs Yes you read that right, there are kits to complete cars ready for all your reenacting needs. Take that old VW, and give it a WWII era military look!

1903 Surplus Handguard

Misc. Gun Parts for Sale

I have a few firearms related items for sale. Mostly US military related parts. Please visit the Firearms Related section in the catalog site by clicking here.


Military Assistance Program [MAP] T-shirt

Military Assistance Program T-shirts

I have made a t-shirt design based on the logo used for foreign aid programs, like the ones seen on the Greek M1 Garands, that were returned to the US Army. Available in both long and short sleeve, you can order them online at:







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